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So better late than never. Alt.Net Seattle was awesome! Last October, Austin set the bar high and Seattle blew it away. The best part was all the new faces at the conference. The community has really grown and evolved since Austin which made the experience all the more refreshing and interesting.

It was great to get a chance to see guys I haven’t seen in a while like: Roy, Chris, Dru, Jason, Jeremy, Dave, and that crazy posse known as the “Eleutian Guys“. I also had the opportunity to meet tons of new people including Adam Dymitruk, Chris Sutton, Scott Reynolds, Tim Barcz, and Greg Young. (If I left your name out I blame Greg as he overloaded my brain with this double double d stuff).

Listening to Greg and Udi talk about distributed messaging was fascinating. The idea of using asynchronous messaging and moving away from traditional request / response style of programming is something that I want to learn and work into my applications. I am not quite ready throw out my RDBMS but thinking about it as just “Dead Object Storage” is much more fun. I need to engage Adam Dymitruk to talk more about how his team made the transition to asynchronous messaging. He said with some of Greg’s help it was pretty painless and the benefits the team has seen are huge.

I made sure I left time to hang out after the conference was over this time. A number of people hung around for a while as well, of course the conversations continued through lunch, over to the book store, and back to the hotel. By 8pm on Sunday I was dead, I could only imagine what the guys who went to both the MVP Summit and felt like. Thanks to Roy, and TypeMock the stragglers got treated to one final meal where yes, more geek speak was spoken. Doc and I had a chance to talk for a while at dinner, he did another amazing job facilitating the conference.

So what’s next…

Scott Bellware spoke of organizing another like conference in Austin around October 10th or so.

Scott Hanselman posted a nice piece about the community in general.

Last night here in Chicago we had our 3rd meeting. Derik has a summary of the meeting on the yahoo group. If you are interested in writing better software, getting rid of some of that daily developer pain, or just knocking back a couple beers with some local devs I encourage you come to the next meeting.

Thanks again Dave and the rest the organizers for putting this one together. And a special thanks to the sponsors, Digipen, InfoQ, Microsoft P&P, ThoughtWorks, and VersionOne.

Eleutian Vim Screencast Episode #1

After Aaron’s teaser on vim, I have been waiting for him to start the series. Episode #1 of Aaron’s Vim screencast series is up. Its a basic intro for opening and saving documents as well as learning to use some simple navigation. The use of keyboard jedi is very nice for seeing everything that is going on. Nice work Aaron! If you are unfamiliar with vim I highly recommend subscribing to Eleutian’s blog and following the series. The productivity boost you will gain down the road is priceless.


Yesterday at the Chicago .Net User Group meeting Nermin Dibek presented on the new ms mvc framework.  Several people were interested in a follow up session.  If you are one of those people and have stumbled onto this blog, or if you are local to Chicago and want to see some more stuff, feel free to ping me or email me and we can try and set something up.

Here is a list of links to get you started with Ms MVC.